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Activity Plan


12th to 15th January 2012

Kick-off meeting in Tübingen, Germany:

  • Topic 1: results of the SWOT-analysis about the regional labour markets
  • Topic 2: define criteria for an overview about relevant stakeholders and their tasks



31st May to 3rd June 2012

2nd meeting in Konya, Turkey:

  • Topic 3: overview about relevant stakeholders and their tasks
  • Topic 4: differences and similarities between migrant workers in the partner countries; identification of their educational needs; find conclusions
  • Topic 5: preparing a survey among relevant stakeholders



29th November to 2nd December 2012

3rd meeting in Kells, Ireland:

  • Topic 6: results of the survey among relevant stakeholders; finding conclusions
  • Topic 7: differences and similarities between people who would like to work in another country, identification of their needs, with special attention to the unemployed and people with low educational
  • Topic 8: Development/design of the project’s guideline



22nd to 25th May 2013

4th and last meeting in Katowice, Poland:

  • Topic 9: Evaluation of the guideline
  • Topic 10: Consequences for VET institutions, counselling services, and employment services; Implementation into ongoing activities




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