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Project Partners

ttg team training GmbH

Mrs Susanne Haug
Holzmarkt 7
72070 Tübingen

ttg team training GmbH is a provider of adult and further education and offers language and computer courses, vocational training, job services, and general further education as well as counselling and coaching. Moreover, we also run trainer-programmes and programmes for pupils. Our company was founded 1997 and we have 9 offices in 7 different locations in the region Neckar-Alb in the southwest of Germany.

Our participants include men and women, job seekers, long-term unemployed, migrants, early school leavers, single parents, employees, business founders and many more. We offer different supporting measures for those who are at risk of social exclusion and combine education with individual case support, e.g. in projects supported by the European Social Fund. In addition team training has built a wide regional network with other aid organisations and cooperates closely with the regional job centres.

In 2003 team training started participating in projects under the Lifelong Learning Programme on various topics in the range of further education. By joining in and guiding projects at a European level, team training has developed a European wide profile and improved its intercultural competencies.


Wojewódzki Urząd Pracy w Katowicach

Mrs Ilona Wiącek
Kościuszki 30
40-048 Katowice

Established in 2000, the Voivodeship Labour Office (VLO) in Katowice is an organisational unit of the local authorities of the Silesian Voivodeship. Its responsibilities are concerned with developing labour market policy as well as initiating and supporting activities promoting and developing of the labour market in the Silesian Voivodeship. Our tasks and objectives include, among others, organisation of employment placement at home and abroad, provision of career guidance and information services, coordination of activities in the field of continuing education and training for the unemployed and employment seekers as well as production of analyses on the regional labour market. We also organise and initiate regional and local programmes aimed at creating new places of work and alleviating adverse effects of unemployment. Every year we hold a whole range of events such as conferences, seminars or the region’s largest job fairs. Such undertakings not only promote positive features such as mobility and activeness in the field of employment, but they also address various crucial labour market issues such as the problems of the socially disadvantaged groups. The key mission of the Voivodeship Labour Office is to promote employment, reduce unemployment effects and stimulate job activation aiming to reach high rate of employment, human resources development, high quality of work as well as foster social inclusion. One of the main areas of activity of the Office is the implementation of the European Social Fund within the Silesian Voivodeship.


Meath Community Rural and Social Development Partnership Ltd (MCRSDP)

Mrs Jennifer Land
Ground Floor, Unit 7
Kells Business Park
Cavan Road
County Meath

Meath Partnership (MCRSDP) is the county-wide community organisation responsible for the design and implementation of local, rural and community development programmes across our region. We specialise in building the capacity of local communities through the design and implementation of a range of projects and programmes tackling persistent incidence of exclusion and disadvantage. We are a not-for-profit organisation with charitable status.

We are responsible for the implementation of the LEADER programme in our territory, and focus on improving the economic, social and cultural quality of life through the creation of sustainable rural communities in County Meath. We provide the following services and supports to our target groups:

  • Capital investment, training opportunities and mentoring support for the development and expansion of micro-enterprises
  • Confidential online and face-to-face career coaching and mentoring service for jobseekers
  • Targeted training and HR support to local employers and employees
  • Up-skilling opportunities to low-skilled workers and jobseekers through work-placement programmes
  • Industry-focussed training opportunities for jobseekers in the areas of e-business, eco-tourism, artisan food, creative industries, renewable energy, tourism and hospitality etc
  • Basic training programmes for lone parents, early school leavers, older people, migrants and low income farm families

In addition we deliver the following services: Meath Volunteer Centre operates a “One stop shop for Voluntary activity” providing information and advice to people interested in volunteering, and to organisations looking for volunteers. Dr Curran Training Centre offers a variety of vocational training and up-skilling courses aimed at improving the skills, capacity and employability of people living in County Meath. The Centre provides a modern and flexible learning environment.


Hüyük İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü

Mrs Sevim Tetik
Bahçelievler Mahallesi Atatürk Bulvarı
Hükümet Konağı Kat : 3
42690 Hüyük/Konya

Hüyük Provincial National Education Directorate is a state non-profit institution in charge with the planning and coordination of all kinds of educational and training activities in pre-school, primary, secondary and adult education in Hüyük Province. It addresses to a large amount for education staff; students, teachers, cleaners at schools, civil servants etc. So our institution serves for teachers organising some seminars, conferences and for students arranging some social activities. Hüyük Provincial National Education Directorate decides on the needs of schools and tries to supply them by asking some official authorities such as municipality, sub-governors. With the help of this project we aim to achieve our aims and encourage our staff; learners, workers, teachers to be open-minded about other countries, opportunities, and culture; have self confidence, be competent to learn new languages, cultures and traditions and become intercultural competent.



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